In 2012 OK GROW started in a small back garden plot as a volunteer project to help grow locally sourced plants for restoration and revegetation projects on farms, along streams and in wetlands.

In 2021 our small local family-run nursery was established to trade in wholesale and retail native plants. 

Founder Meret Weiss wants to share her 'healthy addiction' for native plants, how and where they fit, and what they can be used for in our unique environment.

Meret is certified by NMIT in horticulture and nursery production. 

Over the past 10 years she has witnessed the encouraging transformation of streams and wetlands revived to shaded, clean water ways. This has fuelled her passion to continue growing plants to restore and enhance our native ecosystems. 

Another focus of the nursery is to find and grow rare plants which can be found particularly around Mohua. 


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